Financial Management

townhouse property management services
A key concern for many condominium owners is the ability of their property management company to competently manage the finances of the corporation. With multiple owners, diverse maintenance requirements, and strict legislation, it is no wonder that many condo Boards get frustrated. It is here where the experience of Eastway Management Inc. truly shines. We relieve your burden by assisting with:

  • Developing comprehensive budgets and forecasts based on previous and projected expenditures.
  • Collecting all common element assessments through written, verbal and personal contact. Pre-authorized payment options are available for property owners to minimize administration.
  • Disbursing all Board-approved expenditures.
  • Obtaining monthly financial statements produced by a Chartered Accountant at no additional cost.
  • Producing a quarterly budgetary review including recommendations and presenting to the Board of Directors.
  • Documenting all accounts payable and receivable ensuring timely payment to avoid penalties. Eastway indemnifies the condominium against any possible losses in relation to the collection of common element fees.
  • Coordinating with Condominium’s auditor and preparing all working papers needed.
  • Providing prompt, accurate and reliable data so that Board of Directors can make informed decisions.

Eastway Management Inc. is committed to the financial strength and stability of your property. We employ the industry’s latest and best practices in condominium financial management and are focused on building and preserving your property’s long-term value. A licensed investment advisor is specifically assigned to the Condominium and investment recommendations are made based on requirements outlined in your Reserve Fund Study.

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" My husband and I would like to commend you and your people on the time and effort spent negotiating the budget. At a time when rising costs are prevalent, it is nice to see an expense lowered. As recent homeowners in this area, we are pleased with the maintenance of the grounds. Keep up the good work. "

Steve & Karen H