Company Overview

property management servicesEastway Property Management is a medium-sized, family owned and operated property management company that has been managing Condominium Corporations for over 30 years. These condominiums are a mix of highrises, townhomes and commercial, from Toronto through Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle to Cobourg.

Condo corporations choose Eastway for more than our ability to track expenditures and manage condo finances. Our seasoned personnel are equipped to deal with both major and minor issues expeditiously, professionally and at a lower cost than a homeowner or inexperienced board.We encourage and ensure open communication and dialogue between all parties so that issues are cleared up before they become misunderstandings. We adhere to the Condominium Act of Ontario and are committed to an unbiased enforcement of the rules.

All of our managers are professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the Condominium industry. The vast majority of managers are accredited through either the Association of Condominium Manager of Ontario (A.C.M.O) or through Canadian Condominium Institute (C.C.I.). No Manager will ever have more units in his/her portfolio than can be properly managed.

Our administrative staff is friendly and efficient. We are always willing to help owners get the information they require and we will even establish a payment plan should an owner fall behind in their fees. All payment plans must conform to the Condominium Act of Ontario.

Condominiums are what we know. We do not manage rentals, co-ops, or private homes. We are focused and dedicated solely to the management of your Condominium. We are responsive and proactive so that your Board doesn’t have to be constantly ‘hands-on’. It is our belief that with the right property management you can enjoy a well-maintained, worry free living environment.

At Eastway we never forget that the Condominium is your home and we never dictate to the Board of Directors. Our job is to advise and guide the Board of Directors in their decision making and then to carry out those decisions efficiently and effectively.

" Eastway Property Management has managed our condominium since 1993 with honest, reliable, professional property managers. They provide excellent service and guidance to our condominium. Thank you Eastway for a job well done. "

Leo M - President YRCC